David Brendel co-founded Strategy of Mind with one simple purpose: to provide all employees with access to an Executive Coach, regardless of their seniority.

Rooted in management philosophy and behavioral science, Strategy of Mind’s ground-breaking Team Coaching program is designed to help individuals and organizations prosper by fostering powerful conversations that expand communication, strategic vision, and performance.

Along with Ryan Stelzer, David built a comprehensive coaching program that is delivered through a combination of in-person and online sessions.

How it works:

Workshop 1 - Week 1

This session is designed to introduce team members to the concept of psychological safety and the practice of active inquiry. Participants will identify critical challenges facing their individual role and organizations more broadly, while also learning how our process unfolds. The three key outcomes a client can expect:

  • Introduction to the program/online app

  • An understanding of the concept of psychological safety with actionable insights

  • Essential tools and techniques for cultivating high-performing, robust professional environments

Virtual Plus - Weeks 2 through 11

Program participants will be given access to our online executive coaching platform. Through six levels, we empower them as the executive in charge of their development. As they build and engage with their executive team, we will meet weekly in small groups with participants to guide them along. Participants will lead the development of six key strategic documents:

Level 01 - 360 Assessment

Participants will receive feedback from a trusted network of advisors and thought partners, up, down, and across your organization, who will serve as a resource to them throughout the program.

Level 02 - Role Charter

A role charter is a living, breathing document that defines your roles and responsibilities within your organization. It helps participants strategically define their identity and their purpose at work.

Level 03 - Wellness Plan

We’re going to address the foundation of executive growth and development: personal wellness. We all lead busy and stressful lives, and it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves day by day.

Level 04 - Beliefs & Behaviors

We work with clients on positively transforming mindset and behavior patterns. Articulating their current limitations and future aspirations will help participants implement essential, success-oriented changes.

Level 05 - Developmental Plan

A developmental action plan is a strategic document that is designed to help participants identify at least three or four major areas of professional growth that they’d like to enhance over the coming year.

Level 06 - Sustainability

By carefully thinking about strategies for continued growth, and then writing them down through an accountability and sustainability plan, participants will be far more likely to achieve your objectives.

Workshop 2 - Week 12

This final workshop is the culmination of the program and serves as a solutions-driven conversation about tackling the most challenging issues facing the organization. We like to think of it as a launch. Now enabled through months of 1-on-1 and small group coaching, participants will masterfully implement the tools of active inquiry in a psychologically safe environment to achieve real results.

The three key outcomes a client can expect:

  • Reinforcement of psychological safety and it's importance

  • Group dialogues to identify and begin to solve major, critical issues facing the organization

  • Tools to maintain continued success by ensuring a psychologically safe, high-performing environment persists

Strategy of Mind Programs address:


What clients are saying:

This has helped me focus on developing the relevant skills to grow in the right way. I’ve been able to avoid missteps and having to backtrack. I don’t know if I would be where I am in my career now without the assistance and skills gained from these coaching sessions.
— Senior Manager, Financial Services
I have recommended this program for several of my direct reports, as well as my partner. I have been able to use the 360-degree feedback tool, in particular, for improving my mentor relationships at work. I plan on continuing to use this tool for the foreseeable future.
— Team Lead, Engineering
While traditional coaching sessions are typically focused on short-term hurdles and mid-term growth opportunities, this program is so helpful because it focuses on self-directed, long-term development. This assigned reading works in great conjunction with the app.
— Director level, Technology