David Brendel


I’ve made it my mission to empower people to change their lives for the better.

Not many people decide to leave medical school for a few years to pursue their PhD in philosophy, but that’s exactly what I did. One year into my medical training at Harvard, a friend told me about a program at The University of Chicago where I could obtain a doctorate in philosophy and return to medical school afterwards. So I packed my bags and made the trip westward.

The logical question is, what were you thinking? And it’s an appropriate question because I felt that by narrowly focusing on subjects like anatomy or chemistry I wasn’t really developing a comprehensive set of tools to help patients overcome the vast array of psychiatric challenges.

In simple terms, when I made the decision to temporarily leave medical school, I started thinking about my core values, about my purpose, about meaning.


Dialogue is a powerful tool. I’ve made it my purpose to change people’s lives just by having a real conversation.

Lisbon, 2017


What I discovered is that my core value is helping others find meaning through dialogue. Over the last twenty years, my work, whether in medicine or business, has centered entirely around helping others grow through meaningful and authentic conversation. Through dialogue, I strive to help others build meaning in their personal and professional lives.


Here’s to speaking together soon,