David Brendel is a Partner at one of Boston’s most esteemed Executive Coaching firms: Camden Consulting Group.

At Camden, David continues to leverage his ICF coaching certification by empowering clients to enhance their leadership skills and critical mindset or behavior changes to drive growth and success. His tenure at Camden includes coaching executives and high-level professionals in healthcare, biotech, pharmaceuticals, technology, financial services, higher education, insurance, law, and manufacturing. Given his medial training, David specializes in applying evidence-based psychology to help individuals and teams manage stress and reach peak performance.

As a partner of Camden Consulting Group, David works with all types of organizations at all stages to deliver world-class leadership development services that position your organization for the future.

The hallmarks of Camden Consulting relationships:

  • Partnership to ensure we address the specific challenges of our clients

  • Pragmatic thinking to ensure that we develop actionable recommendations

  • Sustainability to ensure we help our clients build the capabilities needed to maintain success over the long term

Camden Consulting Group’s innovative approach delivers scalable leadership development programs that build a shared vision and capability among your organization’s current and future leaders.

Camden’s People

  • Experts with demonstrated business experience and a track record of successful leadership expertise in a wide range of industries

  • A unique understanding of the talent lifecycle

  • Global coverage provided through the best local market leaders

  • Highly-responsive and dedicated to successful outcomes

Camden’s Programs

  • Tailored solutions built on industry-proven processes and practices

  • Customized, blended learning to address the organization’s specific needs

  • Development tools and practices that continue to drive results long after the engagement has ended

  • Participant-centered programs from start to finish